Erotic and escort work in the center of Basel (Switzerland) in a 50 years old address

If you're not looking for an average place, you've found the right place! Swiss erotic work for pretty, smiling, good looking girls over 18! Our guests are grateful for the premium service. Studio ELITE is a Swiss luxury private apartment in the center of Basel, where the owner is waiting for demanding girls. The city of Basel is located on the French-German-Swiss triple border, so you get guests from 3 countries in one place.

We are waiting for you with weekly CHF 5-7000 earnings

 With us, the girls only make good service - everything else we take care of at a high level. 

This means that I take professional erotic pictures of everyone for the perfect ad. I advertise wherever possible in all 3 countries (Switzerland, Germany, France), as Basel is located on the border of three, so in a unique way you will receive guests from 3 countries in one city! It’s a 50-year-old run-in address, operating as a private apartment for decades, so it has a huge clientele and is very well known among locals and people in the region.

We are the only salon with such high prices!

Erotic and escort work at the most famous salon in Switzerland, downtown Basel where you will find luxuriously equipped, well-frequented, well-located luxury private homes that everyone is looking for.

▶ You only work with 5 girls and each has a separate room with Wi-Fi and LCD TV. Some rooms include a Jacuzzi and a sauna also.

I advertise for a long time on every erotic portals, radio, billboards and through my own website you can reach 1500 guests daily!

Opinion about us..

For years I have been looking for a place where I can work in a relaxed atmosphere. Studio Elite is a truly luxurious private house!:)

Each girl gets unique attention, so I will definitely make the most of you!

You get the tools you need for the job for free in the best quality and of course I get a legal work permit for you. We are open every day from 10am to 2pm, and from 11am to 3pm on weekends.

We also have an escort job opportunity...

That means, you can go to luxury hotels to our exclusive guests who will pay way more and give you huge tips! Not mandatory, of course, but great extra money if you make escort too.

✗ However, this requires speaking the language and bringing suitable clothes, high heels, etc.

This adult job offer is ONLY FOR girls, womens & ladies from only European Union countrys, so with EU passport! They DON'T HIRE men, boys, gays! Please do not contact with advertiser, if you are man! Thank you!

We are an elite place and our guest needs discretion.


Phone number: +41 78 609 13 27

Viber / WhatsApp

Email address: [email protected]

You can apply in Hungarian, English, German, Romanian, Czech and Polish!


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