6 luxury private houses in the best cities in Germany
When others closed their business, we have the highest ********** es
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The best German cities:
✅ Oldenburg (Northern Germany, close to Bremen and Hamburg) 3 private houses
✅ Herford (between Hannover and Munster)
✅ Paderborn (next to Munster)
✅ Osnabrück (close to the dutch border)
Each city is located in a very rich region in Germany!
According to the new law of prostitution, it is mandatory to use condom in Germany during your work! A lot of businesses were closed, there are only a few places left, because businesses didn't got permits. My businesses are all open, the bell never stops ringing, customers are coming non-stop.

[testimonial|name=Mona|title=Review:|picture= ********** have worked in many places in Germany, but I have never seen such a ********** anization. I have found myself in Germany almost immediately after applying and they made some very serious and professional ads for me. I had a beautiful, clean room and the doorbell was constantly ringing.[/testimonial]
We are everywhere around Germany where it's really worth it! 6 extra busy private houses are waiting for the experienced and new ladies ********** e!
You will have your own room and I offer 100% discretion! 
I ensure professional ads on every advertiser's site and important newapapers - this is how I guarantee you the maximum guest number! 
Even after the new laws, you can count on a pure earning of 3000 EUR per WEEK!
...and of course there is ********** mission from the EXTRAS you make!
Clients are calling us all the time, as there are hardly any businesses left in the neighborhood! Come and profit from our regular clients!

✔ Highest hourly rate and prices for extras in Germany
✔ Professional ads - maximum number of guests
✔ Full Discretion + private room
✔ Stress-free and friendly workplace
✔ Nice and normal Receptionist
✔ I can help you with the cost of your travel, you will get contact information after you apply 
✔ No hidden costs
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1500+ visitors per day on our website
Every house is fully furnished, new furniture, luxurious props and cleanliness is waiting for your arrival!
The perfect erotic job in Germany is waiting for you!
Opening hours for every house: weekdays 10:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday: 10:00-24:00. You ********** e for a minimum of 1 week term!

New: Bring your girlfriend with you and your first trip is for free! Promotion available for a limited time!

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********** />  E-mail: ********** royal-modells.de
✆ TEL, VIBER, WHATSAPP: ********** Kinga (owner)
English – magyar – deutsch – русский – română!
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