Extra high prices, luxurious rooms and unprecedented standards - the best salons in Europe

3 Austrian elite clubs - BABYLON-Salzburg, CASABIANCA-Innsbruck & Hallein, Lady-O Innsbruck, Salzburg, Hallein - are waiting for your apply, where you will get everything you need for your job and much more!

Free accommodation, unlimited food and drink, and countless regulars who are all gallantly welcoming new girls!

The highest quality clubs in Austria!

What we offer:

  • highest earning opportunity in the country!
  • accommodation
  • assistance with a work permit
  • free medical papers
  • friendly, helpful receptionists
  • family atmosphere
  • if you don’t have a suitable portfolio for work, free photoshoot with a star photographer
  • shops nearby

What we expect from the girls who come to us:

  • sophisticated, well-groomed look
  • kind manners
  • Language skills: English / German
  • team spirit


I'm not experienced in the club jobs area, it was the first non-private apartment I applied for, but I already really regret waiting for so far! Unlimited food and drink for free, specifically like going on holiday in a five star hotel, but i earn a lot. I didn't even think it existed!

If you have any questions, you can always reach us on the phone or on Whatsapp!





Photos of the workplaces - making it clear to you that you need to apply here: