Popular studios open for 15 years are waiting for you in Basel, Switzerland!
You choose where you want to work, depending on whether you like to have 50-60 guests a day, or rather working for a term, but we will help you decide depending on your pictures! Since you can choose from several options, we guarantee you won't go home without money!

We are located in several parts of Basel and we customized our studios over the years according to our regulars. For example, you can work in our studio located in the city center at higher prices, but our oldest place is more popular visited by plenty of guests daily **********

◆ Working conditions:
All workplaces give you fair conditions and we will help you whatever studio you choose.You can work in our well-equipped studios in a ********** system, and you have the possibility to pay a rent  which already includes the ads, as well as the official contract!  
◆ Our expectations:

be demanding to yourself and your environment
desire to work
photos needed for work

[testimonial|name=Nicole|title=Reviews|picture= ********** best boss! He helped me with the cost of my trip on both occasions when I was in Basel, I took home over 4000 after 1 week. I do not speak German very well, but this wasn't a problem since they have a receptionist in each place. I really enjoyed it, I think it's worth trying![/testimonial]
◆ We offer:

a professional receptionist
a lot of guests
continuous guest traffic
correct payment

Our newest photos:
Popular studios open for 15
Popular studios open for 15
Popular studios open for 15
Popular studios open for 15
Popular studios open for 15
Popular studios open for 15

Other questions? You would like to apply?We are available on phone, SMS, Viber and Whatsapp!
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