A massage job that focuses exclusively on women's private parts

From deep tissue to hot stone, there isn't really much massage jobs industry has not offered. But the latest trend is for the most intimate treatment of all. Lisa, a young journalist shares how intimate was the experience of being touched by a yoni masseuse.

I must admit I have curious, excited and confused at the same time, but I felt like I have to give it a try.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and it means "sacred place"

The idea of this type of erotic massage is to offer physical and emotional release and more importantly to free sexual energy so that a person to become in tune with her body. So far, all yoni masseurs are female, but I'm guessing in time men will specialize in this type of erotic massage work as well.

I have never been comfortable with being naked, but being curious I booked a session with a massage salon in London specialized in sensual massage. I was assigned to a 29 year old yoni expert.

They say some women experience an orgasm during the massage, but that isn't the main goal.

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Ordinary massage is about releasing the muscles, yoni is about awakening the body

The massage session began with creating the right ambiance - lighting candles, dimming the lights, putting on some relaxing music. After that, the masseuse started to undress me slowly while breathing heavily on my neck.

She started to rub my feet with oil, slipping her hands slowly towards thighs and my...lady parts. I guess she could sense that I was tensed, so she told me to take deep breaths and just focus on the feeling. It was very hard in the first couple of minutes, but this advice eventually helped me to relax.

I was really surprised to find that instead of feeling aroused, I felt relaxed, blissful and tingly all over.

Is yoni the erotic massage work of the future?

Yes, I believe yoni is the ideal massage job that will become very popular amongst those who are seeking for both physical and mental release. Despite that fact that I was initially apprehensive about her using her hands, fingers and her warm breath, I have to say I was really disappointed when the session ended and I think she deserved the "spicy" fee I had to pay for the service.

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I felt released because it wasn't embarrassing at all and a little disappointed that I was over.

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