Do you want to be independent and flexible in Switzerland? Then you are right here!

My name is Lisa. I’m the owner of Cityeroticjobs, and because of my 15 years experience in the adult industry, many people already know me.

I’m not an agent, but i’m always looking for new faces like you!

You can choose which service you want to offer. There is no mandatory! The important thing is that you have to take care of yourself, to look after you, to have nice hair and a great charisma.

The salary is: 2,000 - 3,000 CHF per week and even more!

You have no expenses, everything you need for work is there: Condoms, lubricants, oil, etc.
In the club there is a receptionist, she welcomes all the guests, serves the phone and keeps everything clean. It would be better if you speak a little German or English, but it is not necessarily!

 We work in 60-40% System! 

It is an advantage if you have erotic photos. You can earn much more. Please do not take too much photoshop the guests want real ladies.

I make the registration personally, so you can be sure everything is 100% legal.

I expect a good service for our very large customer base, a well-kept body and no drugs!

➡ I do a lot of advertising on the Internet and newspapers. With me you can feel you safe, because we are a top team and have harmony in the house.

Are you interested to earn money immediately?
Do you want to be financially independent?

I guarantee you a top income in a familiar team with the best conditions.

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More important information you can find on my website:
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WhatsApp und Viber:
Lisa: +41 79 721 35 95
E-Mail: [email protected]