St. Gallen & Amriswil - Swiss legal work without hidden costs

What is true for both erotic businesses is that you are guaranteed a high salary thanks to the professional management who are in control of everything so that you can deal with your guests stress-free.

We create personalized ads for each girl separately on the biggest pages, where you customize your service - nothing is obligatory here!

An average girl can expect weekly 3-5,000 CHF!

- We are looking for young, pretty girls over the age of 18, and also femdom and fetish ladies -

Language skills are an advantage, but not an expectation, a receptionist will help with your work. Escort work is also provided, with a huge clientele, safely. Escort is not required, but if you want to go out, our own driver will bring you to the address!

Erotic adult work opportunities in downtown St. Gallen..

..for girls and ladies who do their job at a high level and are looking for a unique opportunity, not the crowded places! For beginners too!

Private apartment with fix rent or studio with 50:50 system

The city of St. Gallen is located on the German-Swiss border, so you get guests from 2 countries in one place.

This is a multiple benefit for you due to the current situation, as German guests also travel to Switzerland to visit erotic apartments.

Only 5 girls work together maximum.

A well-known and well-established erotic workplace in Amriswil for 30 years...

.. a Sauna Club awaits your arrival. Fair conditions and high earnings are guaranteed if you apply here!

What we offer here:

  • EXRTAS are yours
  • daily fix rent - 100 CHF - with basic ads
  • free accommodation
  • fully equipped, refurbished working rooms
  • 50 guests per day

Apply directly to the owner as soon as possible so that you can discreetly earn a lot of money with Swiss erotic work!