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Nice voluptuous and busty german amateur whore, offer services as.
Photo Model, private Porn Actress for hardcore action, Gangbangs, Bondage and BDSM, as well Slave girl services for private masters and for groups.
A german sweetheart with a soft pale body and huge natural firm boobs the see beautifully when tied up, as well nice pink shaved pussy the is expandable like nipples, labia and clitoris are incredibly flexible and stretchable, a pleasure to work with.
I love roleplay and Bondage.
I enjoy BDSM play if the men play with me and my body while I'm helpless tied up and gagged at the mercy of them.
All into BDSM are welcome.
Private amateur sessions as well professionals Riger/Master to produce kinky stuff (photo & video - BDSM content producers). 
Pictures and film material that you can proudly show off.
Excellent first class content, really top league recordings possible depending only on your ideas.
Really interested in BDSM and to be tied down, used and abused, full gagged, ********** pletelly at the mercy of the tormentors and torturers.
Really into cords, chains, handcuffs, vibrators, fisting, buckles, clamps, weights, and other things on my nipples, labia and clit.
Of course I agree and it's possible to gag me, from begin up to the end all the time.
In this way can everyone fully concentrate on their work on my body and enjoy it in peace.
this enables uninterrupted work under full load with all treatments and perverted tortures.
This makes it easy work that is fun even for the toughest professionals.
They can unfold their entire creativity without limits, for really good hard content.
I look forward to be your toy for your kinky, perverted games and all things what makes you happy.
Whether you're looking to teased and dominate a sub girl, show this slut to random observers and spectacors.
in the park, forest, parking lot, on the back of the truck, under the bridge, in the stairwell or lift of the skyscraper, at the beach or graveyard, in train or at the bus stop, in hardware store or sexshop, on the playground or in garden, and other public places overall where many men pass.
Expose, humilate, use and abuse your gagged naked, tied slave to show the spectacors what a good slut she is and which treatments she can endure.
Of course you can invite the random men to participate in the session, so that they can lend a hand, touch and do one or the other to the slave yourself.
You'll be sure to finish our date with a smile on your face, fully satisfied.
You will remember for a long time what great things you did with me.
I hope that you get new ideas for our next date, more fancily and more beautiful.
Ideally to have pumped and sucked my nipples and clit befor, then bigger and better to work with.
My face must not be covered (appart the ballgag) so I can be better identified on the recordings.
This would be a very niche video due to my mouthgag all the time by all treatments, and break the stigma of gagged women being tortured. 
Of course only then if you make with me impossible things of a special kind.
Im not fussy on how much you will pay me, just trialling you see how I'd fit in.
Willing to travel around UK and EUROPA for this to!