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Verified girls in a danish agency with many years’ experience in the industry. We are again looking for new ESCORTS for our exclusive clientele (INCALL ONLY). If the girlS looks and service meets our client’s expectations, a weekly salary on 3000 euro or more is possible. The Salary is not fixed and the earnings depends on the work.

To join our exclusive team and become a verified girl, you must be a girl with great service. All girls must be verified and we never use fake photos. We recommend girls show their face in advertisement to simply attract more clients, but its not mandatory.

We provide a specific target group of picky danish gentlemen with classy ladies with a high level of service, but who also enjoy their work. All women get screened through a thorough interview over the phone and where she is asked specific questions to ensure the girl has what it takes to become a verified girl with high earnings.

Our demand for quality escorts and tantra massage with great service is very high. We have a reputation and brand to maintain and we can ensure high earnings and professional working conditions.

To become a verified girl, you don’t have to offer any services you don’t like, or accept any clients you dont want. Your safety and happiness is the most important to us. We care about providing the best working enviroment for you to focusing on what you do best. Talking care of the client. Our telephonist are very professional and you will join a team who support you in every way.



You don’t have to be a model, or have a certain skin color, hair color or looks to become a verified girl. Most important of all is your level of service, attitude and your way to seduce clients. We don’t tolerate bad attitude, laziness or any abuse. Girls come to work Period.

Women in age 22 – 50 is the prime age group for our clientele.

We are seeking women who are not much overweighted. For example: the girl cannot be 160 cm and weight 80 kg. This is not what our clientele is looking for. 168 cm and 65 kg is not bad, but it depends on the girl’s figure and shape and how she take care of herself.



We currently having 6 locations in 6 cities in major cities. All locations have room for 2 girls, so its possible to come in teams. The locations have high earnings potential for girls. Our clientele loves when we announce new escorts for ONLY incall and tantra girls masseuses. There is always a big interest for new arrivals and where each girl build her own clientele for future arrivals.

The locations are fully equipped with kitchen and cleaning supply, towels, washing machine and all accessories you need to take care of your work. The also have security cameras at the entrance. All girls get their private own room with smart TV and Netflix account. 

We take good pride in offering the best service to girls so she never need anything to complete her job. Our team is always ready to assist in every way. 



All our places have décor like “the girl’s private home” we want the client to get the feeling that he is visiting the girl in her private home environment. Which means the apartment doesn’t look like a brothel with red light and mirrors all, but more discreet and cozier.  



Denmark is a rich country in Scandinavian filled with clients with lots of money. They pay premium prices for our girls(escorts & tantra massage) and services. Denmark is filled with respectful and clean gentlemen who knows how to behave and act with escort ladies. Through the years we have built a huge database with on serious clients and not serious “time wasters” which gives us a great advantage in when arranging bookings.  

The covid situation is also in denmark, but its still legal for girls to work in Denmark. We can provide a working contract so you can enter wothout any problem, but never buy a ticket withour consulting with us.

If you have any questions or want to know more about your work in Denmark, we are always glad to talk with new potential girls in an job interview. If this description fits you, you are more than welcome to call or text.

Contact us.

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