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Hello. I run a couple of companies at the moment, very successcully, and will be opening an Escort Agecy in the coming months.
I have a high retention rate (people tend to stay with me), because I involve my teams in the running of the business - your input will be welcomed, I get people what they want, and because I'm nice.
We can have a drink and you can decide for yourself whether I'm the sort of person you'd like to work for.
You must be beautiful (sorry, but people are fickle), and smart (we will be working at a higher level to most sites - you'll get paid more, make the effort).
Every human on this planet is special in some way. If you're not right for us, I will tell you, with kindness. If you are, you'll be part of a family, and will be treated with no less than the respect you deserve.