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Hi there! My name is Adeline.
I am an experienced escort (still going yes), and know the industry quite well. I also have a BA in Marketing and studied the subject for over 4 years.
I am a super postive person and I love meeting/helping new people! I am still quite young, but i'm matured well past my age.
I have found that as escorts, we have very little tools for advertising (that don't cost an arm and a leg) and that the agencies rip us off a bit.
I have decided to start my own escorting agency, run by escorts for escorts. There will be no costs to join, I will handle all advertising, vetting, and bookings, with the ratio of payout 65/35 with YOU taking 65%!
This is almost 20% more than most agencies offer.
The website is in the process of being built, but I can provide samples if you are curious!
Please feel free to get into contact with me for any questions you may have.
I also refuse to pay into this site so feel free to look me up on Adult Work or chat with me in the forum to get contact details.
All the best, American Adeline.