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For women, by women.
I'm a young female film director with awards in video editing and production. I'm looking to begin a new venture into the world of adult entertainment, specifically video and audio porn created for  LGBT women. These will initially be distributed for free view with ad revenue on ********** b and other streaming services, and later for members only n a dedicated website once we have built up a following.
There is still a huge gap in the market when ********** es to porn for LGBT women and I believe the earning potential is extremely favourable. All producers, directors, and camera operators will be female and actresses may choose to partake in only lesbian scenes, or lesbian and bisexual.
We will work on the basis of consent and actresses will never be pressured or forced into anything they are ********** fortable with.
I'm looking for women and non-binary people age ********** who have an interest in performing in and/or producing adult content. Bisexual men may also be considered. We are based in Yorkshire but may also shoot in London.
I look forward to hearing from you!