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Hexes is the finest London-based, elite escort agency, providing the most tempting, forbidden fruit to the high and mighty.
We are British-owned and operated; and while this implies an old-world, respectable decorum and only the highest standards, our experienced team is as accommodating as it is professional.
Most importantly, we are here for you.
Hexes also has a unique approach - we split our escorts into GFE (girlfriend experience) and PSE (pornstar experience). Of course, some escorts may choose to provide both. We believe specialising this way allows both clients and escorts to know what kind of encounter they are about to have, resulting in a more fulfilling, exciting experience for all.
Our elite agency is building a coven of the ********** panions London has to offer
As such, applications are open to girls who are, or want to be high-calibre courtesans. Experienced escorts and keen newbies alike are most welcome.
All we require is that you are:

reliable, dedicated, and willing to try your best.
Obviously, the best girls command the best rates, and secure the best bookings.

In a massively wealthy, cosmopolitan city like London - the sky really is the limit!
Overall, working with Hexes is easy and empowering - you decide on:

your work hours;
how much you charge;
your specific services (and if there are any extras);
whether you prefer outcall, incall, or both.

You are fully in control of your profile, and we try our utmost to fulfil any and all personal requirements. Our application process only has 2 steps to get you fully verified; and have your stunning, custom-built profile set up on our site. Beyond the industry standard commission for our services, there are no signup/registration/hidden fees or extra charges, ever.
Beware, some agencies offering accommodation, drivers, and other too-good-to-be-true perks, may actually be riskier than their supposed 'security' systems would suggest.
While it is perfectly legal in the UK to be an escort and operate an escort agency, some companies do not inform new girls that certain agency actions such as providing living spaces (especially to multiple escorts); or contracting transportation, for example, are at best grey areas, and at worst - totally illegal in the UK.
So, while other agencies seem to be offering an 'all-inclusive', easy path, remember this ********** es with a price. If you prefer the peace of mind ********** es with a genuine, upfront, transparent experience, Hexes is for you.
Hexes ensures the agency, and therefore its beloved escorts, remain secure by always operating on the right side of the law.
Moreover, our experienced team employs all the correct safety protocols for each aspect of the industry. Whether it's client background checks and distributed booking alerts; escort verification; or even custom-written Independent Contractor Agreements and Non-disclosure Agreements, you can be confident that Hexes takes everyone's privacy and security very seriously.
In addition - no pro photos? No problem: we can connect you with our very own talented, in-house photographer (provided you are UK-based).
Not only does our photographer have experience in multiple areas of visual media - including video editing and TV work - they have also collaborated with several very high-profile adult models to create our own enchantingly exclusive image and branding.
Boost and update your profile with high-quality artwork, at very competitive rates!
As you can already see, we have everything: quality content and connections; perfect London location; but above all else, Hexes puts its escorts first.
If you don't want to miss out on this exciting opportunity, all you have to do is get in touch now - we would love to work with you!
Give us a call, WhatsApp, email, or complete our application form on our bespoke, brand-new site and let's make magic happen!