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If you are currently working or wanting to work as an escort or sex worker in the UK you may be wanting good accomodation. Maybe you do not want your customers coming to your home where you sleep, maybe you would like to have some privacy. 
We are renting flats and rooms in Leeds and Bradford locations currently expanding to Manchester and Sheffield - however not ready yet! You will be renting fully furnished accomodation, and all locations have shops for food, drinks, transport and entertainment within walking distance. 
Rent will need to be paid up front, however if you choose to extend we will try to give you a better rate. We offer daily, weekly, monthly rates. 
This is great for whatever suits your lifestyle, and great for those who want to tour new areas. We also can offer security at an added cost, if this something that you require. 
Videos and pictures of accomodation desired presented upon request.