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I have been doing cam shows for a few years now part time as a single male performer. I performed for a short while last year with a girl who was a friend anyway. Unfortunately she moved away. I am slim, athletic and decent looking I’m told however I don’t think so. I am also single but I am happy this way and not looking to find a girl to have a relationship with. However hopefully you will be a friend as well as a good work colleague.
Couples who perform on cam make the most money by a long way. This is because of the big market of guys and girls viewing and nowhere near the competitions. For example on the site I use there are 10+ pages of single girls and single guys and only 2 pages of couples. Also it seems to me from doing this for a few years now in my spare time that people have loads of money to give away.  I make about £250 a month for about 10hours a week but as a couple we could make £150 - £200 a day. 
So that's why I'm looking for a girl to work with. It is important we are compatible, respect each other and enjoy each other’s company to make the best money and have the best time.
We will be doing live solo, couple shows online. We can do anything from just nude flashing to any sexual acts that we discuss and feel comfortable with. This is why we need to be compatible and work as a team to make sure we have fun and earn well.
 If you have any questions please just ask and thank you for your interest. If you are thinking of taking this further can you send a picture of your face and any other pictures that maybe of interest and in return I will send some of me.
Many Thanks