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Hi I am Chris, I am a Mature Male Escort, who has Class, Poise, Cultured, high IQ, good listening skills, very attentive and skilled in so many ways. I am looking for new Female clients who want a man of distinction but also Passionate, Romantic, and hidden depths. I believe in offering my clientele whatever they are looking for, to fulfill their desires, needs, wants and fantasies. I can play any role as I was an Actor in the West End and on Broadway in my 20s, I have just moved back to UK from Spain to find exciting new opportunities and want to give my clients the best most fulfilling Client Experience they would wish for with discretion and pure pleasure. I can blend into any situation. I am 5ft 9ins, I am 49 but have been told I look in my 30s, I have been told I am handsome but it is my personality and how I can touch my clients very soul when we are together. I have high empathy. I am qualified in Massage and I can not only give physical pleasure to my clients but also mental pleasure as I have BDSM knowledge as I am a Dominant Master who can take my clients on a journey of self discovery and let them just release all their tensions, burdens, worries when they are with me. I help free their Spirit their Primal being whilst stimulating every part of them. If a client wants me to travel to them then they will be required to pay my travel expenses in advance and I do take credit cards.