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Hi all I need to expand my work force for my only fans business. I never expected it to be as busy as it is!
I'm looking for two women that want to join my team and grow in the business with me! It will be around 2 hours a week so not much time! You can still have plenty of time for other work.
We specialise in BDSM so at all points you wear clothes and your face will never be on camera unless you wanted it to be.
Pay wise we can offer three packages:

You get a flat rate which can be discussed.
You can have a split rate and % of takings from only fans 
Complete 50 50 split of takings from only fans. 

I currently have 4 women that work for me 3 of them take the 50 50 split and the other does a split rate.
On average I would expect us to earn 1200 minimum per month.
Where we make our money is people request specific clips and we give an agreed price for that clip and once again that is split between the business and yourself.
We have adverts running on another website and currently taking a lot of intrest in the role! So be quick!