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Hi, I've done around 4 years of Escort Agency Driving and after around 6 years out of the industry I'm now looking to get some regular work again.
Main points...
British Male (42)
Security Industry + Driving Background (responsible for small teams of guards)
I own an immaculate Black 2014 BMW 3 Series which is clean (in and out) and very well looked after. Full insurance, Tax, MOT etc.
I'm based in North London so I'm open to work in North London, Herts, Essex, Bedfordshire etc.
I was always requested by the girls to be their driver if working on the same nights as me as I was understanding of the job and always treated the girls with warmth and respect for what they do and made sure they felt relaxed, safe and comfortable throughout the shift.
I'm looking for a decent and respectable agency who treat their girls well are who are in turn looking for a professional driver to work for them.
I'm looking as of now (13 Feb 2020) so if you have a respectable, good earning agency and need a good reliable driver then please get back to me.
Many Thanks,