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The agency opened more then 22 years ago, so you can be sure, that they have a lot of regular guests! The prices have not been reduced, we still work on the same high prices! You can earn 4500CHF / week with us, if you want to work - and your rent is only 50%! You'll get your legal work permit on your first day, so you can start to work immediately. Every luxury private apartment is fully equipped with TV, DVD, Internet, modern kitchen and bath, terrace, and everything what you need for work! Receptionist will help your job, and she helps to speak german, if you don't speak the language so well.
Current swiss job opportunities:

Adult Job in Switzerland - Kirchdorf. In Canton Aargau there is a 22 years old busy private flat, with regular and new guests - work with the old high prices - and earn 4500CHF per week!
6 years ago, we opened this private apartment in Amriswil, ********** rgau canton, where you only have to sit and wait for the guest, 'cause we make everything for you! This is a stress-free workplace, where the receptionist will help your job!
Pfaffnau, Luzern canton. Open for 16 years with the same Swiss-Hungarian owner. High prices, great promotions and a lot of regular guests are guaranteed here.

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