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I produce homo-erotic content. I make videos featuring all male strip games and I also film scenes featuring kink and mild bondage where one guy is dominated by another. It's man on man content.
I have worked in the adult entertainment industry for over 10 years.
Although the work is homo-erotica in nature, it doesn't matter how you identify as long as you are willing to try new things. Don't worry if you have no experience - I am an expert at breaking in newbies.
I'm mainly based in Blackpool, Lancashire but I also travel around the UK for assignments so don't be put off applying if you are not close by.  
My work promotoes a  positive body image, so you don't need to be a gym bunny, but you do need to be in at least a reasonably healthy shape. The ages for each type of shoot are as follows:
 * Strip games - Men aged 18 to 45 
* Submissive guys - Men aged 18 to 40 
 * Dominant guys - Men aged 18 to 55
I pay cash in hand immediately after the session ends. Shoots usually last between 2-3 hours and the rate for an assignment is based on the nature od the shoot, what you're willing to do and the content.