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We here at Black Label are now seeing the very best of the London escorts for our exclusive escort agency. We are only interested in ladies who want to enjoy life to the fullest and want to share their with others. Our models enjoy the most exclusive parties, travel in the most elite of circles, enjoy high fashion, luxury dinning and first class travel arrangements while making more money than they ever dreamed possible.
What we are looking for:

Are you fluent in English? Well spoken? Other Languages are very welcome.
In a room of models are you the one everyone looks at? Natural beauty?
Are you well-toned / trim, with correct proportions? Feminine figure?
Refined tastes?
Personality is very important! Are people able to relax and open up with you?
Can you hold conversation with regard to any topics, in an intelligent manner? Not just talk, but listen also?
Fine dining table manners?
Able to travel? Paris, New York, Moscow, Milan, Miami, Dubai and Los Angeles?
Ever worked in the industry? Ever been one of the best London escorts?
Most importantly, you need to enjoy your life and what you do, and can you share that with others?

If you think you have what it takes to be the very best of the best and enjoy the high pay and privileges that a discrete elite companion demands, then contact us for further information. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. And we would love to hear from you.