Luxury escort job only for beautiful girls between 18-35

Los Angeles - Las Vegas - New York - Miami - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Tokyo - Moscow - Genf - Macau - London and many other cities

If you believe that you are special and you don't want to have an average job, here is the perfect opportunity. You can work alone as an escort girl in Europe and in the world's best cities and have huge earnings by luxury escorting!

I've been running my escort agency for many years and I have worked with a lot of girls from all over the world. Hotel and high class escort jobs for short or long term! We have a huge number of clients from all over the world!

Work guaranteed for every day - but You decide how much you take❗

✔️ I guarantee flexible working hours and 100% discretion

✔️ Your ads will be banned from the UK

✔️ Our guests belong to the elite layer of society, where paying even over 10000 Euros is not a problem!

✔️ Bring your girlfriend with you and you will get a reward!


  • Professional erotic photos + at least 1 amateur underwear or selfie!
  • Basic foreign language skills (English, German or French) 
  • I'm looking for beautiful girls with a nice body, model or pornographic past is an advantage. 

Earn over 1000 $ per day!

Work professionally while you travel through the world's most beautiful cities! Travel or just entertain with the elite of the world, with guests who can afford to pay a lot of money!

We regularly have reservations over 10.000! It all depends on you - how much you want to earn and under what circumstances!

I can help you with the travel, professonal photos and anything else!  

If you don't want to travel so far, I have many other erotic job opportunities in Europe. Ask me, and I will inform you about everything. 

This adult job offer is ONLY FOR girls, womens & ladies from only European Union countrys, so with EU passport! They DON'T HIRE men, boys, gays! Please do not contact with advertiser, if you are man! Thank you!


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