Seeking for sugar babies among students might get you into jail

A man got arrested in Paris after promoting an adult job - dating website for students where they could have sugar baby jobs in exchange for dating sugar daddies or sugar mamas. Why aren't adult jobs considered as any other kind of 'regular' job? 

The billboard was positioned in the center of a campus In Paris. It pictures a man lying on the top of the woman saying 'Hey students! Romance, passion and no student loan.'.

So is this actually a form of prostitution?

First of all, let's talk about what kind of adult job is being a sugar baby in order to understand the situation in Paris. The term 'sugar baby' refers to a young, beautiful man or woman, who know exactly what they want from life, and in order to pursue their dreams, they establish a relationship with wealthy people who are called 'sugar daddies' or 'sugar mommies'. These 'sponsors' buy them gifts and offer them guidance into becoming anything they want.

dating sugar daddy

According to statistics, an average 24 year old sugar baby makes around 3.500$ monthly.

According to a recent study in the United Kingdom, 43 percent of these sugar baby girls and/or boys are in college. So, if these young college student still find ways to work as escorts, why can't they see an actual ad on the street? At least everyone would hear about an agency, and they wouldn't have to search on the internet, where thousands of creeps and false agencies publish adult job opportunities.

Erotic job or not, what was the general opinion about the ad?

There were a lot of opinions and disputes on this theme, some saying that these are erotic jobs, other saying that it's just a dating website. The truth is, the nature of the advertisement made it sound like erotic jobs, but I wonder if the advertisement said something like 'Find your other half and let him help you to fulfill your dreams!' would be considered much more appropriate.

Paris officials state that it is a shameful advertisement and that they will cooperate with the police to make it disappear. The general opinion seems to be that this type of ad is dangerous, shameful and that it shouldn't be on the street for anyone to see. So, the question is, why do they think is inappropriate to be seen by young people who are already in college and maybe having financial issues or just want to experience something new.

I really think that free will is very important and that people should choose what they want to do with their lives, like if they want to have an adult job, let them have one. Situations like this create a confusion among the general public, when the 'higher power' dictates what is socially right and what is wrong.

Having an erotic job shouldn't be considered shameful in the XXI. Century

I can proudly say the dark days are behind us, when those who were having adult and escort jobs were considered poor people who are addicted to drugs. Today, many young people not only accept these types of jobs, but they have real idols in the erotic jobs industry, which makes me really happy. At least, this is what I experience in in the UK, especially in London.

Some of us don't even realize how much effort and energy requires being an escort girl, porn actress or having any kind of adult job.

In conclusion, I believe that the situation created in Paris because of the advertisement is shameful and I can only hope that the general perception about erotic jobs will change, because no worker should be ashamed of their job as long as they don't commit anything illegal.