Erotic massage jobs are not a taboo anymore

More and more people regularly visit sensual masseuses, so erotic massage jobs industry has increased significantly over the past years. The reason is very simple: the erotic masseuses are very discreet and these sessions come with a lot of benefits, both physical and emotional.

But what happens when clients cross the line? Here are some secret confessions of masseuses who faced different unpleasent challenges during their work.

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I've been working as masseuse for over 2 years, the sexual tension was too much

Tina shares that they aren't allowed to date clients, they can't even use their real name if a client asks. But since we can't control who we feel physically attracted to, sexual tension starts to build up when you are not allowed to do anything about it. Tina felt sexually attracted to a client who has been her client since she began to work as a masseuse.

I never thought that during my work as an erotic masseuse I could feel this way for a client. 

Massage jobs involve sensually touching and rubbing your body against your client and I'm okay with that, but when this particular client came I barely controlled myself, I just wanted to kiss him so bad... Eventually it happened, my bold move took him by surprize, but he didn't say no. He is my boyfriend now :)

How to say no to a client?

Under normal situations, we can't afford to refuse clients. Yes, there are many normal people with manner, but we have to deal with the freaks too - shares, Gina, a 32 year old erotic masseuse. But what happens when a guy is good mannered, pays good money to the receptionist, but when he enters to you and starts to undress.. smells? 

What is the right thing to do in this particular situation? The erotic massage salon where I work, doesn't have any kind of policy for these kind of situations, so unfortunately I couldn't say a word. I kept breathing on my nose and did what I had to do, but right after he left, I called the manager and demanded to have a new rule that gives us the right to say NO to smelly clients. :))

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This is by far the most unpleasant situation I had to deal with during my work as a masseuse.    

Dealing with nervous clients during massage

Not everyone is used to visiting erotic massage salons on regular basis and you just can't predict how they will react. Erica shares how one shy and nervous client kept farting and she didn't knew whether to send him out or to continue her work.

It was funny because he tried to keep his farts in but since he was extremely nervous, he couldn't hold it in.

When you are a professional masseuse at a VIP massage salon, you have to keep your good reputation, meaning that you can't send clients away who aren't satisfied. So I kept going, he kept apologizeing, but I can tell you one thing - that was one of the longest hour of my life! 

Massage jobs aren't always easy, but every job has it's own difficulties sometimes. If you are interested in becoming a professional masseuse, check out our best erotic massage jobs here.