Weekly 5000CHF earnings with basic service in Switzerland!

Take the opportunity and apply to earn 5000 CHF per week with the help of Studio City Zofingen's professional team and owner! Extra high quality and earnings with erotic work in Switzerland for TOP girls, TSs, femdom and fetish ladies and young boys!

 extras are yours // premium ads // daily payout 

The last year has been a difficult for everyone, but there are those who bring out the best from the worst of situations! STUDIO CITY Zofingen is a well-established and well-known erotic studio in the Swiss city: Zofingen.

The swiss owner is waiting for girls who know what they want and want to take advantage of the best opportunities. Our clientele has been stable so far, but in recent months, smaller and larger erotic businesses have closed one after the other, so our clientele is constantly growing and breaking records.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and apply for a Swiss legal erotic job now!

The Swiss owner has decades of experience in running erotic studios, which guarantees a high salary, as she knows exactly what you need for a successful career:

  • they will make you a professionally written ad on the biggest advertising pages and in the newspaper
  • you will also appear on the studio's website so that regular guests can book a term with you before you arrive
  • the owner will help if you don’t have suitable photos for erotic work as this is the key to a stable earning

Of course, this is a 100% legal, official workplace, and your work permit will be handled by the management for free! As well as NOTHING is REQUIRED in this erotic workplace, you are free to decide what you do in your service and what you don’t!

Earn 5000 CHF per week with basic service, and the extras are 100% your money!

Our expectations for the girls who come to us: kind, civilized behavior // age: 18+ // love your work and do it in a way that remains an experience for you and your guest!

We are looking for slim, demanding and stylish girls for whom we provide all the conditions to earn the most with Swiss erotic work!  

Guaranteed high earnings at all times, with daily payout: 60:40% system!

You can earn thousands without stress because of the percentage system, as you don’t take any risks! The tools are provided by the owner and your ads are made by the management, so you HAVE NO EXPENCES!

There is a separate accommodation for the girls, which is of course free and equipped with everything you may need: WIFI, washer / dryer, equipped kitchen. You will find the most necessary shops in the area, as the studio is close to the city center, so whatever you want to buy / arrange, it is only a few minutes walk!

We treat your application discreetly and are happy to answer all your questions! Ask // feel free to write:

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