Tantra massage job - the Indian love art promises deep relaxation paired with intoxicating orgasms.

You want to get involved in the sensual adventure? We'll tell you what tantra massage is all about and how to easily incorporate tantra practices into your life, if you thinking about erotic massage jobs.

What is Tantric massage? If you have never heard of it, you may be wondering what is behind the term. The answer: An ancient teaching that has nothing to do with sex, but propagates a conscious lifestyle. Tantrics see the human being as a whole - and this aspect is ultimately incorporated into sexuality. The tantric massage jobs are not a traditional massage. It is not primarily about loosening and relieving muscles. Instead, tensions should be resolved, spiritual and sexual.

Good to know: An orgasm is not a must during Tantric massage, but a welcome side effect. The goal of the erotic service is to completely relax and let you go. It's about getting to know you and your body, and in this way finding out what makes you feel like it. Lust is the biggest source of energy in Tantra. Ideally, spirituality and sexuality combine with a Tantra massage. 

Tantra: The way is the goal! If you want, you can try a professional tantra massage. Serious providers can be found on the Internet, there are a lot of erotic advertisement. The duration of treatment can also provide information about the qualification of a masseur. When massage times are too short, you should look after it, if it's really serious advertiser. After all, it is typical for a tantric massage to take your time.

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The right preparation is important in massage work! In sexual tantra rituals, the body and mind are first prepared for the sexual arousal in order to experience it in a spiritual way afterwards. In addition to massage and breathing techniques, there are numerous exercises that can pave the way for you to spirituality. Traditional rituals often last several days in Tantra. Therefore, today there are also simplified versions that are significantly shortened and thus suitable for everyday use. In order to perform a Tantra ritual, the preparation of the environment as well as the own body is of great importance.

A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is essential in Tantra. Therefore, first clean the room and put incense sticks on. Ensure a comfortable temperature and pleasant light. Create a kind of sunbathing area where your partner and you can settle down. Fragrant oils and relaxing music are also nice additions. Important: Clear all disruptive factors out of the way. Turn off TV sets, phones, laptops and cell phones. If you think about it as an erotic job, you should rent a nice private apartment.

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