How much does a muse owe his photographer in adult photography jobs?

Carrie, an adult photography model accused her photographer of exploiting her for 15 years during her adult photography job.

Pleasure and desire have been described as sinful and shameful through the centuries, but we can all agree that these days its obvious that sex sells, so - it's not a novelty that adult photographers want to make the best pictures of their muses to become famous.

I always felt like he treated me like an object

I was working as a striptease dancer, and I met my photographer at a private VIP party. He was fascinated by me - he said that I have the most perfect figure he had ever seen and that he would make me famous. Leaving my past behind, I accepted the erotic photography job, not thinking for a second that his attitude towards me would change so rapidly.

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Carrie shares that during their adult photography work relationship he never signed her to a professional contract, didn't inform her about when pictures were published or displayed, ignored her requests for privacy during the shootings and most importantly often didn't pay her. But she decided to speak up so that other women will learn from her huge mistake of keeping her mouth shut for so many years.

For my erotic photographer, a muse meant someone who doesn't have any opinion, doesn't speak and obeys his every order. I was the perfect muse for him...

Male power is too common and women don't have much of a voice

He always referred to me as his "dear muse" at interviews, but the truth was he didn't tell me where or when the work would be exhibited or published and had no say in anything. Sometimes, he would take pictures of me and sold each individually without paying me any money.

He paid me 1000 pounds to pose in a studio. For completely nude projects, he took me to "love hotels" and paid me 500 pounds for each assignment. There were times when he called me on weekends and ordered me to go to a particular bar and sit by the bar or walk through a park because he feels like taking pictures. My guess is that he was a very lonely person and that's why he called me on so many nights and weekends...

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Sometimes, I got angry and he sensed it so he would tell me that I must be happy and honored that he's taking pictures of me. I was angry because most of the money he earned is based on my contribution, but to be honest - it's kind of my fault too.

You have to know your worth and demand to be paid for your value and time.

Looking back now, everything was excessive

I don't know what happened to me, I guess something in me was numb. He asked me to do so many things that were abnormal, and I did all of them as they were normal. Lucky for me that I "woke up", stopped working for him and requested that he stop republishing and exhibiting erotic photographs of me.

Today, I work with a new artist, who is one of the kindest and most professional photographers ever. I guess I needed to have a bad expereince so that today I can appreciate my job, which is 100% fun if you are working with the right artist. Don't be afraid to try, but don't let anyone treat you less than you are!

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