Germany / Mainz luxurious city center privates with 40% commission 
With a huge circle of regular clients, luxuriously equipped 10 rooms + 2 VIP rooms + 3 bathrooms, hot tubs in a private house owned by a German owner waiting for new girls to apply on fair conditions, commission, substantial earnings and everything else needed for erotic work. No scam, no misunderstanding, no amateur try. 

German owner guarantees the quality of the advertisements, the quality of the guests and number. A kind receptionist will help you from the beginning until you're going home. If you have questions, feel free to ask them at anytime on the phone, Viber, Whatsapp, SMS.
?? 20 years with the same owner ??
In the same street, we are looking for girls over 18 in 2 private houses, not far from each other. One of the houses has 10 rooms, the other 6 rooms. We are located in the city center, so our easy-to-access and popular shops can be visited by up to 70 guests daily, guaranteeing you a pure ********** e of 600 Euros a day! 
The commission is only 40%, you don't have any other expenses!
We pay for your professional ads, which is published on the largest national and local advertising websites, newspapers, magazines, posters. We have been promoting our website for many years now, having over 1000 visitors a day and we also advertise on TV - only the place, without the girls and pictures of them! Work equipment, and everything related to work will be paid by us.
Your pure ********** e: ********** EUR per week!

You don't have to speak the language perfectly, a receptionist will help you
We have a cleaning lady, so girls don't have to clean the houses
You get your money daily in fair and transparent conditions
You won't have any hidden costs for things that are not specified in this ad
We are located in the city center, where you have everything you might need (fitness, solarium, shopping center, western union, etc.) + our personal taxi driver is at your disposal at any time.

Every girl who works with us has her own room, where they sleep, chill and they keep their personal things.
✔️I can help you with the traveling costs (so you ********** e with a private bus)
✔️I have my own professional photographer who will make some quality photos for your ad, if don't have pictures.
⛔ Husband, boyfriend, manager and other helpers are not allowed here!


I have been working in Germany for years, and for my surprise, Mainz became my home... Not only that I found a place with high ********** es, but I also found my true love:)

Only regulars and guests who called and asked for an appointment ********** e to the house. Opening hours: ********** every day.
We work with high prices and all extras are exclusively yours!
Escort work is also available, meaning that you can go to verified guests with our driver! This is your decision, but it's highly recommended, because of the high prices and lots of extra money...
Legal work permits are issued immediately after arrival and taxes will also be paid. We provide you with a secure, legal and fair job. 
We are looking for pretty transvestites too (TS) !
We understand that you don't trust us yet, so when you apply, you can send us pictures without your face, which will help us to see your body, your age and decide if you are right for the work! After the first conversation, if all conditions are cleared then we will need professional photos for the ads!
Tel, Viber, Whatsapp: ********** Shara)
E-mail: ********** **********
********** /> Our luxurious house with 10 rooms:
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Our luxurious house with 6 rooms:
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