"We were forced to do an erotic nude shoot" - Irina Sotulenko (23) is now accusing the organizer of the shoot

One of the erotic models of the scandalous nude shoot in Dubai is now unpacking the background to the action: Irina Sotulenko (23) is one of the dozen models who were arrested in early April for the erotic adult photoshoot on a balcony in Dubai.

In voice and video recordings, she told her boyfriend Vitaly (30) about the incident shortly before the arrest. She accuses the alleged organizer of the nude shoot: Vitaliy Grechin (41). She says: "We were forced to do the shoot."

He had instructed her to pose on the balcony and was also responsible for ensuring that the pictures later ended up on the network.

Forced to do an adult erotic photo on the balcony

She herself insisted several times: “People, we are here in an Arab country. We can't just be total naked outside." But Grechin, whom she calls an "idiot", didn't care.

They were given the choice: Either pose naked on the balcony or collect no cash for the modeling job.

The 23-year-old model is said to have known that a nude shoot was also taking place in Dubai, says her friend. However, there was no question of posing in public space.

Irina's lawyer Oleksiy Nosow and her boyfriend are worried about the Ukrainian. It was originally planned that she would be extradited to Ukraine on Monday. So far, however, nothing has been heard from her. Most recently, she called her parents on Sunday.

Vitaly Grechin is rich, loves luxury and likes to be photographed with models in skimpy clothes - his profiles on social media are full of pictures of this kind. Such a photo also proves his presence at the nude shoot. You can see him sitting at the piano on it, all naked models around him.

After the scandal, which caused a lot of excitement online, he was arrested in Dubai. The American-Ukrainian dual citizen is now threatened with a year and a half in jail, as the Ukrainian newspaper "Segodnya" reports.

The erotic models are allowed to leave the country

The models, on the other hand, get off lightly: Eight of them have already been able to fly back to Ukraine. The rest are still waiting to leave. According to reports, one of the models is now sick with Covid-19. She has to stay in Dubai until her recovery.