Swiss diamond dealer waiting for you in La Chaux De Fonds

- Beginners and trans (+18) are also welcome -

Have you ever been in the French part of Switzerland? Because what we offer you now surpasses even Geneva's prices!

What do you need to know about this special city?

The largest city in the Swiss Alps, a real jewelry box, where very rich people live! The capital of Swiss watchmaking: Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Bertling, Dior, Louis Vuitton ..and I could continue the list! The best earning opportunity is in La Chaux De Fonds in all periods, give it a try, and see it yourself!


One of Switzerland’s richest diamond dealers is waiting for new girls and trans in the Alps jewelry box, La Chaux De Fonds! We are only looking for pretty, demanding girls over 18. The owner is a well-known businessman, so very gallant clientele awaits you.

- You also have the opportunity to work as a high class escort -


I was very excited when I applied to Girls Garden because I never worked in Switzerland before, only in Austria. Plus, I’ve never heard of this city name before, but I really liked the ad. I wasn’t disappointed, in fact, I never thought I could earn so much more here than anywhere else I’ve worked so far. It’s no coincidence that i came only here everytime for months. :)

If you want to work with management who:

  • they don't want to get rich from you
  • they will not take 50-50% of your earnings
  • the extras are yours too
  • they do their best so you can earn as much as possible
  • comfortable, large room, free wifi (TV in each room)
  • Hungarian / English / French speaking, kind receptionists with 10 years of experience will arrange your reservations (you can discuss everything with them)
  • busy salon for 30 years with a lot of regulars
  • the salon is in the city center
  • there is also a shopping center and a station next to the building
  • the owner take care of your official work permit
  • if you don’t have glamor photos, they will arrange a photo shoot for you
  • language skills are not important

We wait for you! Come work with us!

If you have any questions or would like to apply, feel free to contact us: