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Hey everyone, how's it going, I'm an Audio producer / writer, with a professional studio based in London. I'm currently looking for very experienced female Adult entertainers, who are interested in appearing as guest hosts on a show, as part of a new alternative life style podcast series. Called (Girls In The Booth). A podcast series, exploring alternative lifestyles. Touching on some of the real life decisions, stories, highs, lows & experiences of various alternative lifestyles such as: Adult Acting, Body Painting, Escorting, Adult Film Making, Lap Dancing, Modeling, Nudism, Phone Sex Operating, Pole Dancing, Polyamory, Pornstars, Stripping, Swinging, Tattoo artist's and other alternative life styles plus much more. The show is a ********** part series. Covering a different life style on each show. I'm looking for 3 different female guest hosts, A native Australian, American, and an English escort, pornstar, and stripper for the series. No previous presenting / commertial hosting experience is required. Just great energy and honesty. The guests must be able to chat with the 2 main hosts, and give an articulate account of their experiences, highs, lows, decisions they've made along the way, and have a good clear speaking voice. This is for a 25 minute show for a alternative life style podcast series. I'm after fun, interesting, engaging, witty, individuals, with a sense of humour, as it would help their story relate more to the demographic of the show, Females aged ********** so you will need personal experience in at least one of the areas listed above. Note:, Nudity is not required for the show, conversation with the hosts only. Note:, we're not looking for professional presenters who work on TV / Radio stations ETC, as we're after Adult industry female professionals who have a more relaxed, cool, human, natural vibe. If you know of any other female escorts, pornstars or strippers we could have as guest hosts on the show that's a plus!.  Share of show profits, as you'll be involved in the improv of your personal story, as a guest host. We can usually get through, a couple shows a day, so the more flexible you are, the better, as we're in the studio from 10am, 12pm or 2pm. Before the start of the project, you'll be required to sign a small Hosting agreement ********** Recording in the studio is fun, but for long hours can be exhausting, so food / travel is always covered. For the project you have to be flexible, and realistic as to where you will be travelling from, and your job commitments, as we're based in Northwest London Dollis Hill. Note:, We're only accepting applicants who are based in London, UK, provide us with a short description of themselves and their story, along with a contact number, 50 words max. as we'll need to verify you're over the legal age of ********** If you're interested. Email Alex our assistant engineer at: (9am / 8pm) Email: ********** ********** And be sure, you're available to record on Mondays, Wednesdays, Or Fridays. At 10am, 12pm, or 2pm. And please send 50 words or less about yourself. have a stellar week, speak soon,