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5-room private studio in Germany awaits applications - everyone is making good money here.

In addition to the working rooms, there is also a bar in the workplace, but it is not obligatory to drink or dance, everything is up to you! There is also an equipped kitchen.

There are no hidden costs, we will discuss everything before you arrive and stick to it!

We help anyone of any nationality - from the age of 18 to 45 - with the paperwork, the official announcement. You can be thin or plus size, long or short hair, natural or silicone, we look forward to hearing from you.

Grande Royal de la Fleurs - owner's ad.

Apply on time because our available termins are limited!

We offer 100% legal work and of course we help you with official matters.

We offer conditions not seen anywhere else, you can choose:

  • 40:60% system
  • 50:50% system
  • 60:40% system
  • 70:30% system 

During the preliminary interview we will decide together which would be the most suitable for you.

We work with extra high prices!

You can also work as a webcam model to supplement your earnings!

Alcohol, drugs and male "managers" are FORBIDDEN.

Be sure to send pictures to apply (no need to be professional photos)! We will answer all your further questions - in English / German!