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Hello Ladies
I’m looking for girls Who wanna make good and easy money  with ESCORT service, all you need to have It’s is a nice smile on your face because there is nothing more pretty on a lady When she smiles I need girls Who want’s to achieve something in They life , So They ready to became a nice and strong lady and work hard to make They dream’s come’s TRUE!
NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! No need to speak Perfect english as we have our lovely receptionist Who will look after you and bring you as much clients as you want. Someone we can trust ! Someone Who knows What privacy means , because end of the day we became a strong team together and we  build everything together from the day ONE ! 
The Flats are clean and tidy, Very luxury, only nice people there , and you find everything there what ever you need to spend your days there , to feel like you home :) Because this is what i want from my girls , to build to trust and the good relationship between us.
I provide everything what u need for your work condoms,wet wipes , shower gel etc...
I’m gonna provide the Escort Adverts with your own picture and own profile . Every has they own phone’s and profiles :) 
You can apply with e-mail, with nice non photoshop reccent pictures , and with your contact details so we can get in touch soon as possible !:)