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Netherlands Escorts These same 2 men found others who were like-minded. They developed seminars that parents and children are forced to attend once they join up for the program - seminars parents and youths say apply brain-laundry techniques.Folks have reported they were told their kid was a manipulator and liar. Other than censored and altered letters, communication between them was banned for months, generally up to a year or additional.Parents are told the explanation some letters are "blacked out" is because the kid is solely manipulating and lying to them in an effort ********** e home. And alternative times they do allow the parent to work out the letter,Netherlands Escorts  telling parents the kid is solely manipulating and lying in a shot to return home. It is a lose-lose state of affairs for a child who is locked behind closed doors with no means to report abuse if and/or when it occurs. Sadly it absolutely was too late by the point their learned their kid was telling them the ********** herlands Escorts: **********