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In Canton Thurgau and Zurich there are a lot of very old established private apartments and clubs seeking for new girls over 18 - with Swiss owner!

♡ Earnings: CHF 3-4000 / WEEK! - You don't have to make all the extras! ♡

Thanks to our large offer, you can work alternately each in our stores as you wish, so you will be always the 'new girl', and you will earn very well. 

Our working conditions are professional and fair, by us everybody earn well, doesn't matter how old are you or what do you make for extra... Professional photos are not necessary so you can come and immediately earn money without spending. The clean and sophisticated accommodation, equipment, free non-alcoholic drinks + coffee cost 20 CHF per day.

Excellent work conditions:

  • For 22 years at the same price! (Price list sent by e-mail upon request)
  • 47% rent
  • The boss manages your permission, work tools, advertising, non-alcoholic drinks - so you don't need to care about these
  • You can work in a stress-free and friendly environment
  • Everyone is registered officially! 100% legal work!
  • 5 different possibilities, in 4 cities both old, busy businesses!
  • They advertise on the largest Swiss sites to attract more guests for you!


☟Contact to the manager 0-24☟

✆ Tel, SMS, Viber .: +4178 929 2324 (Gabi)
@ Email: [email protected]