Work without rent in Switzerland in the greatest luxury on the French-German-Swiss border

In our exclusive adult workplaces in the Swiss cities (Basel and Neuenhof), we offer legal adult work for demanding girls over the age of 18 with the best possible terms! We have an international team and professional Swiss owners who will make the best ads for you.

We offer a fair business model without rent, meaning that your earnings is only yours!

We have an unlimited buffet of food and drinks and free accommodation in demanding apartments! One of our biggest advantages is that you can receive guests from 3 countries at the same time (French, Swiss, German guests)!

Best earning potential!

Basic knowledge of English or German is a prerequisite! You can work at high prices and you don’t have to give money from the extras! Unlike other places, you'll not have any expenses, as your accommodation and full board are free!

Erotic work in NEUENHOF

erotikus munka zürich

In the big city near Zurich, one of the most exclusive salon in Switzerland awaits you with professional advertisements, where work is really worth a luxury holiday! Huge pool + jacuzzi + saunas + quality food and drink for free, fast wifi and plenty of rich guests!
Neuenhof, where we offer the best luxury erotic work with a huge pool, sophisticated furniture, high prices and plenty of regulars in the city center! You are not obligated to provide any extra services, but if you extrapolate, then it's your pure money here as well. NF is optional!
Basic language skills are required as you have to communicate with the guests somehow as they spend all day here and come back to their favorite girls 5-6 times a week. Separate luxury accommodation with wifi + free food and drink.

Erotic work in BASEL

erotikus munka basel

The city of Basel is located on the French-Swiss-German border specifically in the middle of the city, so guests from 3 rich countries can visit you spending a lot of money. Knowledge of French is an advantage but not a condition.

15-20 girls work at once and everyone is earning great! You have no expenses here either, all the money are purely yours! It is one of the most spinning cities in Switzerland, where guests from 3 countries are concentrated and multiplying the number of your guests. An easily accessible downtown salon where you can make lots of money while ‘partying’!

Swiss + German + French pages with professional advertising + newspaper + Blick + magazines.
Luxury furniture, exclusive prices, friendly team and receptionist are waiting for you!

Trip by plane and train to Basel or Zurich, we will help you arrange it.

You can come for at least 1 week, or even for months, of course the work permit will be issued free of charge immediately after your arrival.

Professional pictures are not a condition, after arrival we will take pictures of you for the advertisement and you can work without a face also!

In English, German, Hungarian, Romanian!