Müllergirls is waiting for your application, where daily 30-40 guests guarantee your high earnings!

Tübingen is located in the heart of Baden Württemberg, close to Stuttgart Airport, a truly youthful, vibrant city.

An exceptional opportunity for every pretty, cheerful girl over the age of 18 at Müllergirls Villa 78, which has been run by a woman for over 40 years!

We work with a percentage system and all the extras are yours!

You can choose between 50:50% or 60:40% +20 EUR per day.

 Unique • Exclusive • Professional team • Private room 

A receptionist will help with your job, but you may need a basic level of language skills for the highest earnings.

We have a lot of rich regulars, which is no coincidence, as this part of Germany is known for a lot of money and rich men!

What we offer:

  • stylishly furnished, modern rooms / house
  • private room for everyone
  • WIFI
  • premium ads
  • cleaning 3x per week
  • panic button + camera system for your safety
  • discretion
  • gallant guests
  • always clean bed linen, towels
  • work tools
  • free accommodation
  • help with the work papers

We ensure your stress-free work with 2 suites, 5 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and private spaces!

Everything you need is within walking distance: shopping center, shops, pharmacy, post office, etc ...

    Feel free to ask, we are at your disposal not only during your stay here, but also before your arrival!