Once a revolutionary approach to adult work, now considered a disaster

Brothel industry was legalized by the Dutch in 2000, but now officials are having second thoughts. Initially, adult jobs were legalized to end trafficking and to create safer and cleaner environments for women, but how can we know that these women really want to be there? How can we tell that the Dutch capital really takes care of the sex workers?

Things didn't evolved exactly as expected, because unlicensed sex trade has boomed under legalisation.  

prostitution in the red light district

So are these woman really safe and happy?

As a tourist, some might think that legalization is a perfect model and that erotic workers in the windows are not just accepted, but part of the architecture. The truth is, not all women are happy, some of them are threatened into having an erotic job.

People can't tell the difference, because these women are clearly not in the position to tell anyone about their situation and they always smile, like everything's more than fine in order to get clients and make money for themselves and for their pimps.

Opinions are divided and no one really knows what would be the best solution to the problem of safety in the Red Light District.

Does the Dutch capital take care of their sex-workers?

Starting from April, curious tourists who visit the Red Light District are banned from shouting, taking drugs, alcohol and will be asked to turn their backs on the windows to show respect for the sex-workers, or pay a fine. Tourist guides who don't inform tourists about these new measures will also have to pay a fine.

erotic jobs in the red light district

This is just one of the measures taken to protect those who make a living by having adult jobs, a new law is being introduced to make punishable with jail for anyone to have sex with a female they surely know or suspect that has been trafficked. All in all, the Dutch capital is one of the best places in the world if you are thinking of having an erotic job.

Erotic workers in the Red Light District have a union, police protection and testing at professional standards. 

The conclusion is that the idea of the Red District is not bad, it offers a great opportunity for those who want to have adult jobs and work legally under police protection. The problem is that many take advantage of this place and force women to work as their slave and take their money. Everyone is curious to see what will be the future of the well-known Red Light District...

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