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Hi all
I run several studios on clips4S and we need to expand. The studios we run revolve around trample, crush, bb ect. Weather you're experienced or not doesn't matter. All of our models remain fully clothed and face never shown on camera.
We fully advise what the job entails. We go through a two stage interview where if you're open minded and up for a laugh you will sail through.
If you know exactly what this is you need to email advising you're keen to just start. We offer two types of pay
1. You can be paid hourly at £30 ph
2. Paid £15 ph and have a % cut in the sales made. This is the ********** mon pay packet.
We show all sales figures directly to the studio you would work under so you can see we are transparent and want to succeed as much as you do. Our interviews/recordings take place in local hotels so you can rest assured we comply with covid regs.Any questions please don't hesitate to email us.