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London-based agency "LondonBooty" seeks female & male artist for erotic video shooting. Primary focus of the contents is the booty. About us, we sell the content produced with artist like you to agencies across the entire world. Such agencies spend significant effort in brand building, marketing & commercialization of the adult content where it ultimately reaches the end consumer.
Since 2017, we have sold over 1000 videos to various agencies and helped many artist to establish in the industry! Our videos totalled over 21.1 million views on platforms like ********** b, Reddit or Twitter!
We help & empower our artists in ********** There is not a faster way to make money. We are 100% transparent: When we earn, you earn as well!
How it works:

Reach out through the contact form
Book a 1 hour appointment in London
Create adult video content with us starring your booty
Get money in cash

Requirements Generally, we are looking for females and males with an open mind and who feel confident in their body.
Here is a profile:

At least 21 years old
No upper age limit - Milfs wanted!
Negative same-day STD test
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