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We arecurrently hiring 10 new ladies for immediate hire in 10 different markets across the US | UAE | Canada | India | Mexico | UK etc.. We have been in the adult lifestyle for over 14 years, and work aggressively to create opportunities for those who are within our family.
We are passionate about helping you to accomplish the things that some feel impossible.  POSH fosters a positive atmosphere in a business that can be crappy and disingenuous.  The level of attention to detail is unparalleled and the standards that we set for the Ladies that we represent, always above par. For those who prefer the management approach vs a typical Agency -- there is no better place that with Me and my band of crazy folks here at POSH.
There is so much more that we can share if we are a good fit for each other.  We know you don't want the same , boring mutinous, mundane reach out to us and start on a new journey towards success. 
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