Countries order escorts worldwide to stop their escort jobs during world pandemic

Netherlands was one of the first countries to order those who have escort jobs, masseuse jobs and other adult jobs to stop working as part of efforts to stop the new virus from spreading. The famous Red Light District was closed in March for an undetermined period of time, but what happened with all the escort girls and other sex workers in The Netherlands and worldwide?  

All sex workers have become unemployed and without an income? The Dutch government shut down the Red Light District with all its legal and regulated brothels, but those escorts who travel to meet their clients have been able to continue work.

How did the pandemic affect affect the escort industry and other erotic jobs?

The pandemic affected many business areas, having almost any kind of erotic job is tough at the moment, whether you work as escort, masseuse, doesn't matter - everyone was severly affected by the lockdown, because these are tipically jobs where social distancing cannot be achieved. Some sex workers even set up crossfunding pages to raise money for prostitutes and all sex workers who aren't able to work during the pandemic and have families.


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2020-05-26  Erotic & escort job blog

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A representative member of a sex workers union said that the sex and escort jobs industry is in a lot of trouble, because sex work and escorting are contact jobs, there is no way to avoid human contact. In consequence, if these people will not get any kind of help or support, they will be forced to work as escorts and prostitutes in the streets, even with the risk of getting and spreading the new virus.

The spokesman of the union adds that many girls who have dult jobs have lost all their clients because of the lockdown measures.

What do sex workers demand worldwide?

Escort workers in big cities such as Amsterdam, London demand labour rights, they want benefits. Sex workers worldwide want recognition of their job and financial help, so that they don't have to risk to go out and work during the coronavirus, because in many European countries adult workers are not recognized by the government as workers and so they don't get any kind of help from the government if they are temporarily laid off.

There is no question about it, adult jobs is one of the best ways to start receiving the income you deserve, but these hard times demonstrate that you need to choose your destination country visely, you need to have erotic jobs only in countries where prostitution is legalized as a work, so that in hard times you get financial support from the government.

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Some of the more fortunate sex workers moved their focus and started to work online, but many couldn't afford the luxury because of their living situation, like for eg. they live in the same room with their families or are not entitled to create an online account.

Will escorting and other erotic jobs recover and get their clients back?

Definetely, escorting will recover and all erotic jobs will be regulated by clients again if you look for an erotic job in the right place.

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