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It was the rags to riches love story of an escort girl who falls in love with a rich businessman and was a smash at the box office. Pretty Woman showed the fairytale romance of down and out Vivian, a young woman who had an escort job, with suave sophisticated Edward, played by Richard Gere.

This is a perfect case of how reel life can be quite contrary to real life circumstances.

Escort girl refused to be saved from escort work

A wealthy business man from Manhattan met a professional escort and fall in love with her. He wanted to offer her a new life in the USA by giving her a huge amount of money to be able to overcome the hardships that she had to endure, much similar to the famous movie. However, the reality scenario was nearly not as romantic as the movie, because the the high class escort cheated on him and went back to her work as an escort.

Long story short, this love story ended in a very serious legal trouble.

The business man sued the love of her life for return of the outstanding amount of money he gave her, as well as the legal fees paid by him. The business man's attorney presented the VIP escort as a perfect example of a damsel in mistress who lied of having two kids, was in a huge debt and had an escort job just to support her and her children. The attorney presented his client as someone who genuinely wanted to help the escort girl and have her over $118.000 during their relationship. Although the business man wanted to merry her, she choose her work as escort.  

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Other interesting cases where girls having adult jobs were sued 

When you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle to say “I do,” you should probably make sure that your soon-to-be spouse isn’t getting ready to walk — or worse yet, run — the other way. In a case of love gone bad, Steven alleges that his former fiancée, Kendra, took his money and ran. Instead of saying “I do,” he was instead forced to say “I sue.”

Let’s take a closer look at the lawsuit — the ex-groom behind it, and the attractive striptease dancer who apparently broke both his heart and his wallet….

Steven and Kendra started dating in 2008, got engaged in 2009, broke up in 2010, got back together in 2011, and planned to marry on September 22, 2012. Perhaps Steven should have known that his rocky relationship with Kendra was not long for this world, but love can make people do some pretty crazy things (things like opening up premarital joint bank accounts). According to the allegations in Steven’s lawsuit, the only reason he opened the joint account with Kendra was because he “contemplated entering into marriage” with her. Too bad this businessman didn’t contemplate the fact that his future bride might’ve been a gold digger escort girl.

How much money are we talking about?

Jilted groom Steven contends his former escort lover, Kendra, owes him nearly $50,000 — including half the $500 deposit he gave the wedding deejay. Reached by phone, the ex fiancee stated that they have settled the problem and that she doesn't owe him any money. And by “settled this,” Kendra means that she thought that she had wiped her hands of Steven when she returned his $32,000 engagement ring. Now she’s pissed, and she intends to file a counterclaim against her former love.

All’s fair in love and war, and perhaps this is for the best — after all, Steven’s claims are the stuff that future groomzillas are made of.

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