Why do girls decide to become escorts in Uk and why is this erotic job so popular worldwide

The best way to put this question is what drives men to pay for sex and women to sell it? What is the life of a high class escort really like? Is it really worth it to become an escort?

First of all, you need to know that escorts are women who have a lot of sexual power.

It shouldn't be just about the money. How so?

Well, in order to make it, you need to know right from the beginning that this job is not just about the money. Women who don't understand this can't make it as escorts on long term, because you need to offer very personal, sexual and intimate moments to your clients and if you're in it just for the cash, your customers will sense it.

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Women all around the world started to engage in erotic jobs, because the internet made it possible to pick and choose what type of guys you want to escort. As surprising as it may seem, you don't have to be a perfect Barbie doll to do this, guys will even pay to be escorted by someone who they would turn down in a bar for free.

Escorts think that having men pay you for your services is something that builds your confidence and self esteem.

For centuries, women have wondered what it would feel like to actually be an escort

Women all over the world fantasized over this thought, but the man of their fantasy was someone of their choosing. Traditional escorting doesn't really offer the women the element of choice, only on some levels and if they discussed it with the escort agency.

Most of the women remain with the fantasy and never try, but there are some who start to ask some other questions, like: is it moral? is it legal? is it selling yourself? and they start to read more about it and realize that it's a fascinating world with a tons of perks.

Some think selling yourself is getting married to someone who you don't love so as to be financially secure.

The art of saying no

Many women are afraid to become escorts, because of the difficult clients. You need to learn the art of saying no and use it. You are a vibrant, beautiful escort, never let someone to force you into doing something you don't want to just for the money.

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Never forget that even though the client is paying you, you are in control. The whole idea of being of a professional escort is to form a relationship based on common interests.

All in all, many women become escorts and a quit after just a couple of months, because they do it just for the money and they think that the clients knows that. Ladies, the clients want to have a whole intimate experience with you, not just the physical part so if you're not loving every second of it, you will never be successful and earn that substantial amount of money you're reading about on a tone of websites. 

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