Things To Note Before Becoming An Escort: 

Numerous people are looking forward to becoming a part of the adult entertainment industry since it’s so in demand. However, before you start your journey as a London escort, there are certain things which you need to know. Being equipped with these tips, you will be able to make a name for yourself in the industry and make the right kind of money. Below mentioned are a few tips that you must note down before you become an escort. 

1., Cash Only 

It is recommended to accept payment only in the form of cash as it is a transparent payment method. It is also the safest option. With other methods of payment, such as bank transfers, receiving cheques, etc., you might get scammed.

With cash payments, you can check the amount then and there and confirm whether you have received your complete payment. However, with cheques, you will need to deposit them and then wait for the payment. 

Cheques might bounce as well, and then you will not be able to track down your client and demand your payment. Thus, to stay on the safer side, accept cash payments only.

2., Never Disclose Your True Identity

A majority of the escorts refrain from revealing their true identity to the client. It is a safety measure to ensure that the client does not use your personal details to blackmail you in any way. You can create a pseudo-name and use it during your work hours. 

3. You Need Not Be Blonde Or Size Zero

It is a common myth that you need to be either blonde or size zero to make a name for yourself in this industry. However, this is not true. Clients book all types of escorts be it blonde, brunette, thin, full-figured, etc. 

Yes, you need to have the right figure and look beautiful but what matters the most is whether you are confident and good at what you do. If you’re experienced and have the right skills, you will succeed in this industry. 

4. Schedule Regular Checkups

Even if the client claims to be completely clean and has no history of any sexually transmitted diseases, do not forget to use preventive methods like condoms. Also, schedule regular checkups to ensure that you are perfectly healthy. Moreover, make sure to sign a contract with the client before meeting him. This will ensure that he does not force you to do something which you have not agreed to and which might harm your body in any way.

5. Learn The Lingo

The escort world has its own lingo, and if you are not aware of it, you might face trouble in providing your services in the right manner. Thus, it is essential to learn the escort lingo to stay on the safer side. However, you must remember that the lingo differs from one country to another. Thus, make sure to learn the lingo as per your location. 

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will come in handy before you enter the world of escorts. Good luck!