After such a year, many escort girls were looking for other ways to earn money

There are some content sharing platforms that allow creators to make money online - for escort girls and sexworkers also so it's a good opportunity for those who has escort and sexjob before.

Patreon and OnlyFans are popular options, but OnlyFans is by far the most controversial because it allows creators to upload any content, including porn, and lock it behind a wall.

TikTok was not the only social media platform that has gained amazing popularity in recent times.

However, OnlyFans, which provides erotic content (also), has become a space where literally anything can happen.

Almost overnight, during the quarantine, a social site called OnlyFans became famous, which is quite similar to Instagram, with the exception that sexually explicit posts are not banned here, and followers have to pay a few dollars to view someone’s pictures, and videos.

After so many people lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, many women around the world began posting pornographic footage of themselves to see if they earned some extra income.

OnlyFans has been around since 2016 and is widely used by sex workers, although celebrities like Cardi B and Bella Thorne have also recently started using it to make money. Some of TikTok’s creators also invite their followers to OnlyFans, where they promise exclusive content in exchange for money.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a London-based content sharing platform. Creators can offer videos, photos, and even chances for a one-on-one price. Popular in the adult entertainment industry.

The New York Times even ran a story in early 2019 that claimed that OnlyFans changed sex work forever, calling OnlyFans “the wall of porn”. But OnlyFans is used by all kinds of creators.

Who uses OnlyFans?

Adult erotic models, famous musicians, actors, fitness experts and even influencers all use OnlyFans for some extra cash. They can get money directly from the fans every month, or from tips and the pay-per-view feature. But also the "non-famous people" who upload erotic and adult videos, photos can earn a lot of money.

Actress Bella Thorne also claimed to have made more than $ 2 million on OnlyFans in a week. Here is a small selection of famous people from OnlyFans:

  • Cardi B - Musician
  • Tana Mongeau - Influencing
  • Bella Thorne - Actress
  • Farrah Abraham - Reality TV star
  • Blac Chyna - Reality TV star
  • Dorinda Medley - Reality TV star

How to make money with erotic work on OnlyFans online?

To start earning on OnlyFans, you need to add your payment information, check your account, and determine your subscription price. Once you’ve done all this, feel free to start creating posts behind the wall.

Unfortunately, security isn’t worth much if multiple websites provide tips on how we can easily download videos from the site.