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What makes someone a sex worker? Here is the gray area of ​​sex jobs

What makes someone a sex

The gray area of sex jobs, or what makes someone a sex worker

WMN writer Luca Wilson found herself facing interesting questions after Facebook's algorithm threw her an unusual job offer.

She assumes that the algorithm could have sniffed out that she works 40 hours a week at a large company, so in her spare time, if she was bored, she could apply for a striptease job. According to the ad, she would earn her average eight-hour daily wage in four hours with this sex job.

Of course, she played with the idea, since this adult work would free up a lot of time, which she could spend on her creative projects, friends, loved ones, and relaxation. According to the ad, it is an adult job without sex, and it raises the question: can sex work without sex exist at all?

And of course, this is where the flood of questions started. Is being an erotic dancer not considered sex work? How would you view yourself if this were your new profession? As a sex worker, a dancer, or a person who dances in the gray area (literally) and has already left her socially accepted profession, but has not yet entered the path of complete and final exclusion?

Where does the stigma associated with sexwork even begin, and where does it end, if at all?

What is sex work and sex use?

Sex work is defined as a transaction based on mutual consent between adults in which goods are exchanged for sexual services, performances or products, and where the sale or purchase does not violate human rights.

In other words, it contains no elements of human trafficking, forced prostitution, exploitation or slavery.

At this point, she got the answer to her question: erotic dance, no matter how appreciable it may be from an artistic point of view (see: burlesque), is classified as a sexual performance, so it falls into the category of sex work.

The origin of the term "sex work" dates back to 1979/80 and is attributed to Carol Leigh, an American sex worker and activist.

Leigh sought to reinterpret prostitution and move it away from negative stereotypes such as immorality and crime. She was attending a conference in San Francisco educating feminists about prostitution when she noticed the title of a workshop: "sex use industry".

Carol suggested that the title be changed to "sex work industry" because this term approaches adultworks from the seller's side and not the buyer's.

The term encompasses not only the activity itself, but an entire movement focused on the rights, health, and social acceptance of prostitutes.

It also recognizes that sex work is work, no matter how unfavorable it may be from an emotional, mental, or physical point of view - or even favorable, given that many people choose this occupation for different motivations and life situations.

Sex worker doing adultworks

How much sex is there in sex work?

If we define in more detail the activities classified as sex work, such as erotic modeling, webcam and Onlyfans jobs, erotic massage, peep shows, porn jobs, or the sale of sexual equipment, we can notice that the level of physical contact between the offerer and user of sex work is different, in many cases equal to zero, and is flexible in space and time.

Due to the widespread use of the Internet, at the end of the 20th century, the meaning of sex work changed.

The wording changed completely organically, because during the process, erotic and sexual content, similar to other content, naturally appeared on the Internet.

In this way, they created an opportunity to earn money for many sex workers who previously only worked in the physical space as part of their adult work, as well as for people who were previously completely inexperienced in the field of adult jobs, partly due to the lack of physical contact.

Is sex in virtual space or delayed sex (which happens at a different time and place, for example, when someone is watching porn on the Internet) considered sex?

If we continue to rely on the definition, then yes, but what other factors matter in the judgment, beyond the nature of the sexual service?

Boundaries of sex work

Who is a sex worker?

If we examine these activities from the perspective of the majority of society, we conclude that the more physical contact a sexual act requires, the clearer its status is as sex work, and the more explicit, that is, the more "act-like" the given erotic job is.

However, perhaps an even more important aspect of stigmatization is the person's class position and social status.

Expressing these thoughts, in the 2000s a number of "high-ranking" local stars agreed to undress for Playboy magazines.

At that time, the shots were called artistic, tasteful, suggestive photos, and it was practically fashionable to be invited to these magazines.

With this activity, the stars strengthened their status as sex symbols and presented the image of a new, enlightened woman in control of her own sexuality. Where is the problem, may we ask?

However, the problem begins with the fact that, meanwhile, those women who did not undress as a celebrity in a popular, high-profile magazine are subject to the eternal stigma of shame. And it still is the same.

Because it could be said that celebrities have trodden the path of normalization, and now no one has to isolate themselves from certain erotic professions, just because sexual pictures of them are circulating on the Internet.

However, the writer is not so sure about this, as even the participation of a Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, at a house party caused public outrage when she danced freely, fully dressed - so what can the average person expect?

So it is extremely important what social class you represent when you undress, and where the erotic content appears.

Here's another good example when it comes to tabledance jobs. Many popular female music artists present in their video clips performances that practically put strippers to shame, imitating the aesthetics of strip dancing (high platform sandals, huge artificial nails, artificial hair, fishnets, leather, and pushups), and thus sing the new dawn of the sexual revolution.

Does this count as sex work? After all, it is a sexual performance.

But no one would dare call Beyoncé or Iggy Azalea a sex worker, would they? And why not?

Maybe because we value the video clip in itself as a work of art, or because the god-like status of celebrities does not fit into the stereotype we associate with sex work?

In this case, too, the objectification of the body for sexual purposes is realized for the sake of profit, but the fact that the person concerned is not vulnerable (although it can be debated how much the trends and the needs of the public play a role in this), that she is well-known, or has a huge fortune, results in not being considered a sex worker.

Sex worker with a dancing job

Does it matter how many hours you do your erotic job? And who knows about it?

So, it matters what type of sexual activity a person chooses; it also matters if they engage in it as a member of a particular social group. Additionally, the time allocated to this activity and how transparent one is about it to the outside world are important factors.

This also means that if you leave your twenty-year studies and decide to become an erotic dancer full-time and proudly take on your new profession, it can lead to a great public outcry.

At the same time, if one lives a double life, or perhaps works part-time for "just a little extra" in the night, while still maintaining their civilian occupation, it is no longer so reprehensible because they have not become a full-time, publicly recognized sex worker.

And what we don't say is as if it doesn't exist.

Is a new chapter beginning for erotic jobs?

In connection with the rise and assumed spread of artificial intelligence, humanoid robots and other technologies that replace human work, it is legitimate to ask how sex work will be transformed and redefined.

In the case of humanoid sex robots, who will count as a sex worker? The robot, or rather the company that operates and maintains the robot, and its employees?

It is even conceivable that the sexual services provided by a robot will not be considered sex work at all, but rather just a leisure activity, similar to other activities such as surfing. For example, when you go surfing, you rent a surfboard, it comes with certain equipment with which you can enjoy the waves.

You go in, say hello, pay, leave.

The most important question is whether it will make the situation of women worse or better if sex work is not based on human bodies.

Does having an inanimate, human-like, but non-human body become part of the sexual service, which can (or can) be used freely and without restrictions, change anything in a positive direction about power relations or violent sexual behavior against women? Or is it just reinforcing the acceptance of sexual violence and making it worse?

Just look at the cybersex brothel that opened in Germany, the same questions arise in this case as well:

Is this the end of
( 2 months ago )

Is this the end of erotic jobs? The world's first cybersex brothel, Cybrothel, opened in Germany

Cybrothel is the world's first cybersex brothel in Germany! The first VR brothel modeled on Japanese sex doll brothels opened in Germany, which could be a new chapter in the field of erotic jobs and could even endanger it! According to...

Will you accept the striptease job or not?

Although the writer will not apply to become a stripper, it was useful to think about the nature of sex work and the accompanying social stigmatization.

She also left out sexual activities that also border on sex work, such as sensory stimulation, ASMR, feet pictures, secondhand panty trading, and the list goes on.

All of these activities could easily be classified in an imagined "sex work matrix", where the different activities would be grouped based on the degree of (human!) physical contact, proximity, or distance to the specific sexual act.

A third dimension would also connect all of this with the class situation, on a scale ranging from the lower social strata to stars, well-known actors.

A review of the matrix could help everyone understand what kind of erotic activity provokes strong reactions from the public. Well, who's up for a quick sketch?

Jokes aside, it is extremely important to be aware of the extent to which innate privileges play a role in prejudices related to sex work.

In addition to a comfortable office job, you can easily think that you would rather do a striptease job for twice as much, or perhaps send some feet photos on OnlyFans strictly to fans.

Since she is satisfied with her current job and her skills are needed, the writer will not go for the striptease job. Still, it would be nice to have a world where these types of decisions could be made in complete and absolute freedom.

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