3 best ways on how to choose the perfect escort jobs & how to have a successful carreer as a VIP escort in 2020

This is the ultimate guide for escort girls, who want build a carreeer in escort industry! 

Let me be clear about something: This is NOT your avarage "Escort jobs meaning in 2020" predictions post! So far, we have written a lot about the benefits of escort work, But you’re also going to see new escort job strategies that are working great right now.

So if you’re looking to improve your incomes with escort job in this year, you’ll love this new guide. 

What makes an escort girl a pro in escort jobs in UK and worldwide? Well, first of all, a professional escort girl will provide her clients with her undivided attention. An escort girl's worldwide work can range from simple companionship to sexual services, based on prior agreement with the client.


Having escort jobs during a world pandemic when escorts are ordered to stop working in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and worldwide

Netherlands was one of the first countries to order those who have escort jobs, masseuse jobs and other adult jobs to stop working as part

2020-06-03  Erotic & escort job blog

This article will present you 3 tips on how to become a professional escort in order to increase your earnings and get a lot of regular clients who will seek only your services on long term.

Tip 1: Finding the right escort agency

When joining the escort work industry, you need to find a reputable escort agency that suits your personality and start marketing your services mostly online. As a sex worker, you need to feel safe all the time, and if you feel unsafe, you should always be able to leave any kind of situation or client, so talk to the agency about these important aspects. 

Find the right agency for your escort job

If you are new to the escort job industry, join a reputable escort agency, because it will give you a much stronger sense of safety than working as an independent escort. For escort agency recommendations search online, talk to other escort girls on forums and do some serious research, ask questions if you have concerns.

A reputable and serious escort agency will provide a safe and hygienic work environment, will handle your booking, will check your clients, this is why they take a portion of your income.

Tip 2: Choose a name for your escort identity, then set up profiles to advertise your services

Don't underestimate the power of having a good name. Choosing a unique name for escorting will help you to advertise your services. When you think you found the right name, check online that there are no other local escort girls with the same name, this is important to avoid confusion.

There are quite a few common first names for escorts, so it might be a good idea to choose a last name too. 

If you have chosen your name, you can start advertising your services. Escort workers often do all their advertising and marketing themselves. Search online for escorting websites that are popular in your region or country. Write short but warm statement about yourself and the escort services you provide, have professional photos of yourself.The more websites you advertise your services on, the more you increase your marketing reach.

Choose a name for escort job

Tip 3: Dress well, be polite and professional all the time

Always arrive on time to meet your clients and pay attention to be well dressed. If you want to work as escort and be successful, you need to get expensive clothes and look like you are already successful, even if you are only at the beginning.

For important, high rise events the best choice is a long or at least knee-lenght skirt or dress, and for more casual events, a backless dress is the best choice - revealing, but not so much.

As a professional escort, don't forget to be warm, polite all the time, but remember that at the end of the day you are in control of the situation. Try to build a personal relation with your clients, so that they will want to work with you again. As a VIP escort, learn to listen, enjoy spending time with your clients, and don't forget to request the payment straight after introducing yourself to the client, because if the clients doesn't have any money, you can leave straight away. At the end of the day, this is a business too!

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