Working as a receptionist at a brothel vs a regular hotel

Throughout college I had a lot of hospitality jobs, working as a receptionist in hotels. After I was told by my manager that there will be some major budget cuts, meaning no more double pay on Sundays and for night shifts, I resigned and started to took for a new receptionist job.

I was looking for a job to give me enough money to fund my social life - but I got whey more than that.

The rooms were rented by the hour

I started to search for receptionist jobs on the internet, using descriptive words like "exclusive" "boutique" "best receptionist jobs". I found an ad on Red-Life that used only fancy words I was looking for - it totally sounded like my type of hotel, so I applied.

What I kind of failed to see were the words underneath the heading - the words "short stay" meant that they rented the rooms by the hour. Anyway, I went for an interview and I have to say that these were the nicest people and one of the nicest hotels I'd ever been in.

Discovering the motivating salary I accepted the job despite the "costumers by the hour" factor. How different could this receptionist job be compared to a regular hotel anyway? Well it was different. Very different in a good way.

Here are the 5 lessons I've learned working as a receptionist at a brothel:

Lesson no.1: The clients aren't always right

Unlike at regular hotels, where "the customer is always right", brothels have very strict boundaries and no tolerance of rude behavior from customers. This is one of the best things I loved about working as a receptionist at a brothel.

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Lesson No.2: You need to be good at sales

My job was to smile all time, greet the customers and take them into the waiting room, then bring all the available escorts and ask him which girl he would like to see. Many times the client needed to talk to a few girls before making a decision and I had to help him by promoting our escort services.

Lesson No.3: There are more than enough customers for every girl

I constantly had to calm the girls down, because sometimes there were 20 girls lining up for the same guy. I always told them that there are plenty of clients to go round, so just stop worrying about the competitors!  

Lesson No.4: Always be nice to everyone

Be nice to everyone and don't gossip. Think about the fact that sometimes these girls worked for 10 hours a day... drama was inevitable. I honestly saw one fight, but thankfully the girls were intelligent enough to know that it wasn't worth the drama.

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Lesson Nr.5: If you offer a good service, you can charge as much as you like

To my surprise, there were a few girls who were working only 5 hours instead of 10, like the other escorts. When I asked them about their secret, they simply told me that they demanded these prices. If you demonstrate your value, there will always be clients who are willing to pay your asking price. If they can see your value, it's their loss - they aren't the right clients for you anyway.

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