Not everything perfect and shiny when you are looking for an escort job

If you are new to adult industry, there are a lot of thing that you should know. Of course for a beginner it could be challenging sometimes, but we try to help with this article to know how to become an escort girl.

“Most women sell sex; most of them just don’t take cash (nor do they each sell to more than one ‘client’ at a time).”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

1. How my friends will see me after i start as an escort girl

Understandably that you are worried, the opinion of your loved ones is very important. But one thing to note: whoever really loves you - whether a family member or a friend - will accept you anyway! It is not our work that determines our personality, and all sensible people know that.

And whoever condemns you for that, you don't need that person in your life.

2. Am i good enough for escort?

Every person is different, just as people’s tastes vary. The chemistry between two people is completely random, so don’t base it on how you see yourself.

Of course, a demanding look is very important, as is your kind personality, but beyond that, everything is just a matter of perspective.

3. Should i start alone, or somebody will help me?

If you are a beginner, you should need an escort agency who can help you in anything, just like marketing, driver service and booking.

First you have to know how to do it alone, and later if you think it would be safe enough, then start an own carrier.

4. What if i don't want to have sex with the client?

Doesn't matter that you have adult or escort job, the no is always a NO. If you have a problem with him, like he is aggressive, or drunk or just really not sympathetic you can always say no to him.

Of course, then you give back the money, but it's correct that way.

5. How much can I earn with an escort job?

This is up to you. Some girl work just few hours a week some works more. If you have more termin you earn more, it's so simple.

A beginner girl (everybody loves beginners) can earn weekly 10.000£.

6. How much do i have to pay for an agency if i work with them?

There is no fix answer for that as every escort agency has different system.

Usually they take X% from your booking price, but for that money you get the ads, driver and security.